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Our Products

  • Valves 

  • Klauke

  • Greenlee

  • Spare Parts


D&P process is a licensed distributor and supplier of various types of valves including ball valves, check valves, globe valves, gate valves, Sbb & DBB valves. We have been supplying valves for offshore and onshore projects for PTTEP(MURPHY), REPSOL, SCDR-A and etc.



We are an authorized distributor for Klauke, Germany. Klauke is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electrical connection technology and tools from Crimping, Cutting and Punching.



We are an authorized distributor for Greenlee, US. Greenlee is a manufacturer of Professional Grade Tools that are designed, built and tested to exceed customers’ demanding expectations. The tools are from Knockouts, Conduit Bending, Cable Pulling, Shearing, and Test & Measurement Equipment

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